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My name is Nilay Shrivastava. I am a Product Manager, writer, photographer and blogger.

You can learn about my work and interests below, but every content that I create comes down to one big principle:

Life is inspired by stories and there are stories all around.

Stories have a profound impact on our behaviors, perception, perspectives, and the person we become.

It’s popular to like stories but I am interested in discovering and narrating stories that are all around us all the time.


I have a passion for Wild Life and Fashion Photography. Every image of mine depicts a piece of life. Follow me on Instagram to check out my portfolio:

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I write about mental fitness, relationships, increasing productivity, and spirituality. Some of the key articles that I have published on are:

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Product Manager

Product Management or Offering Management is my day job. I work with one of the top Fortune 100 companies solving mission-critical business problems through the products and services I release. Product Management is an art to sense the business opportunities and execute to perfection to covert those opportunities to revenue for the company.

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