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Raise your Game

Key Take aways:

  • Success depends on tightly focusing on the basics
  • What do you do every day determines the life you live
  • Business and sports both pursue the goal of consistent high performance
  • Five qualities define top players: self-awareness, passion, discipline, coachability, and confidence
  • Five qualities define great coaches: vision, culture, servant leadership, character, and empowerment
  • Five qualities define the best teams, belief, unselfishness, role clarity, communication, and cohesion
  • You are in charge of your life. Change it now

I am really fascinated with the comparison of the writer of this book. When he says raise your game he is actually talking about life. And he is saying metaphorically that life is a game. Which I believe is absolutely true.

If I write every day I will become a writer. If I am depressed and constantly thinking negative about something or only focusing on the drawbacks that I am living with, my life will become that. Whereas if I am dreaming and not doing something about those dreams my life will always remain a dream. So going by that it is very important that we understand what we are doing and we accept this fact that whatever we are doing in everyday life will become wise.

Most frequently the things that we do every day in our life aren’t align with our dreams and with our aspirations. Why do we do so. I guess we do it which is because we are not able to sustain the vision of what we want to be.

Let me tell you how it has turned out to be in my life in the last six months. When the lockdown had started, and we were forced to work from home, I was not living with various things that I had been doing for quite some time. I was not getting in stuck in traffic. I wasn’t spending my money on quite a lot of things. . There were no phone calls. And then I am the entire 24 hours of my life were mine. And that made me nervous. Because I know finally I am leaving with the entire 24 hours of mine the way I truly wanted to be. So I had a lot of expectation. And I was constantly procrastinating.

I was lucky enough to realise that if I keep procrastinating I am in never be able to fulfil my dream. I am in never be able to learn something that I have always aspired to be. And that’s where the life really pushed me towards understanding myself better.

The way author has put in the five qualities of players, coaches and teams are the three levels in which we live our life. The first one is at the individual level, the second is when we work with our bosses, and finally when we become a part of a larger ecosystem which could be family or simply your team. It is noteworthy that the qualities that the author has put in and all the three levels are absolutely important and they are rightly so in that order.

First, we need to understand who we are we need to understand our qualities we need to focus on them. And this happened to me when I started my journey of cheese in my genes. The first thing I had in my mind was how can I become my potential. Money can buy all the conveniences which are required for me to do what I really want to do. It was in that persuade that I bought everything possible which I thought will help me do the job. While I cannot discard their importance, I was still missing, and an essential ingredient of utilizing those things to start what I really wanted to do. And that was to work on me as an individual. I am so glad that unknowingly or even before reading the book I have already started working on all those qualities.

The second level is about coaches. And we all are living a life. And if life is a game then I believe that there are coaches all around and you yourself as a coach. Fact of the matter is we all have potential to influence someone’s life, And hence we are either being coached by someone or we ourselves are acting as coaches. It’s just a matter of how good a coach we are. The qualities of good coaches are:

  • Vision
  • Culture
  • Servant leadership
  • Character
  • Empowerment

And you need to be very much conscious of whom you are dealing with and what you are learning what you are taking and that person becomes your coach. If you are talking to a person who is constantly nagging procrastinating finding excuses for why he wasn’t able to do what he wanted to do, you will become like him. And the same goes for you as well. If you become the source of negativity if you are not developing this passion for other people are you are not living your life the way you want to then you are in control and unfortunately control for all the wrong reasons.

The third level is about our existence in a broader ecosystem which is family or a team. We need to understand that we become an individual then we graduate and when we interact with the people we become something more than what we are and this something as collectively it is called a family society is simply a team. Being aware of these things all these qualities help us quite a lot.

  • Belief
  • Unselfishness
  • Role clarity
  • Communication
  • Cohesion

Okay alright, I got all that you are saying Nilay, but what do we do with this. This is good to read the reality is something else. Because nobody listens to me.
Trust me I was there where you are and I still am. But I am working on it. Nobody can happen 100% the way you want them to happen. But you must happen the way you want to happen.

There is hardly any difference of personal and professional life. I called SS living in different packages. In the morning and a husband or father a family man but by the time is 10 AM I am in employee. During lunchtime I’m not an employee anymore because I am going back to my family again. Immediately after lunch I am in employing again. And I am all I’m doing is I’m just juggling my activities in different roles. And although the author has written this quality is considering a corporate set up, I believe that these qualities can be implemented in our life irrespective of where we are living. It respective of the fact that if we are a family man or if we are an employed. We always remain who we truly are is just that our activities change, the requirement of the situations change and the role that we play in different faces change.

And that’s what is more important to understand to work on those qualities to form these qualities as a basis of our life. And for me the below qualities are absolutely important:

  • Self-awareness/consciousness
  • Passion
  • Discpline
  • Coachablility
  • Confidence

You are in charge of your life. The life you lead depends on how you lead yourself. Accept this responsibility. Success doesn’t merely “happy to you”. You build success with every step you take each day.


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