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What brings change in our life?

Have you ever been stuck in some kind of failure and wanted to change your life?

Life doesn’t change because we change the content of our life, life changes becuase we change the context of it

Career, relationships, health, money, and success. These are the few things that almost everyone chases and measure their life with. In this chase, we come across various situations. These situations are basically the content of our life.

So what’s the context of our life? It’s the way we understand or perceive the situation we are in. At a given point in time, our perception determines the quality of life and the action we take. The effort is always to act in a way that enhances our experience of life.

And how do we enhance the experience of our life? By becoming more conscious and alert of what’s happening around us and within us. Consciousness put us in the driving seat so that we can steer the vehicle of our life the way we want, not how life is happening to us.

The actions you must take

  • Stop being a victim and take responsibility for your life
  • When life hits your hard, it’s not because you are destined for misery, but you are a “Work in Progress” to become a better version of yourself.
  • Accept all that you cannot change, but change everything that you can.

The conclusion

We cannot control what happens to us, but we can definitely control our response. We have the power to make a choice. This choice can either be self-defeating or liberating, where we make a better version of ourselves and enhances the experience of our life. The choice of what we do completely depends on our own perception.

Sometimes we are so blinded by our own prejudices or opinions that our perception becomes distorted due to which we act in a self-sabotaging way.

It’s my wish that everyone should be blessed with the intelligence and wisdom to live his life to the fullest.


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