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10 ways to build a deeper connection

Accept it. Life moves faster than we all can estimate. We all are constantly pulled towards directions that are determined by urgencies. Our urgencies vary in every phase of our life and for every other person. Because of the fact that we all are different, we deal with them differently.

But guess what there is something that is common. With time, the bond of our relationships becomes weak. Basically, we communicate less.

There is a group of people who say “Even though we don’t talk or meet or communicate often, whenever we meet we ensure we meet wholeheartedly. Even after a gap of 10 years, we meet as if we were always in touch with each other.”

According to Brooke Schmidt, a marriage and family therapist, “A meaningful relationship is one where you can feel free to be your authentic self.” You feel “connected, accepted, wanted and cherished,” she said. And you help your partner feel the same way.

While I agree that due to various reasons it is really difficult to meet people face to face. But I cannot stress the importance of staying connected with each other.

Human beings evolve with time, situations, and the environment. This evolution naturally creates distances and weakens the bond. The result of this distance is that we become emotionally unavailable and also become less resilient.

Isn’t it an irony that in this age of the internet, where we have free calls, and free internet data available, we still communicate less with each other? The lack of communication hampers the bond that we share with the other person.

How do we get to know the bond is getting weaker by the time

We feel less safe sharing our feelings

We feel lonely and hardly find a connection with the other person.

The conflict becomes inevitable and we do everything to avoid the other person

We get annoyed easily

There is always a sense of unavailability of the other person

Every small discussion ends up in an argument

We often don’t find time for each other.

We complain more often and give each other the silent treatment

Like everything else in life relationship also gets wear and tear due to the distances which get created because of lack of connection or communication.

How to build a deeper connection

Gary Chapman, the Author of 5 love languages emphasizes the importance of small gestures that make people feel loved and valued.

No reasonable person expects the other person to go out of his or her limits to do something for them. The table below shows how small yet significant activities can help to strengthen our relationships.

There are plenty of small gestures to make the other person feel important and valued. That’s all everyone is looking for to have a deeper connection. There are plenty of ways of doing that.


Whether you believe in the metaphysical reason of a relationship or believe that all relationships are need-based, one thing is for sure, every relationship needs to be nurtured.

A call without any reason, A visit out of courtesy, A willingness to be present during a celebration, A small hand-written note, or a personalized email, and there are plenty of ways to build a deeper connection that requires willingness more than anything else.


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